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Documentation of musicians is patchy, so only verifiable dates, or dates of performances (or advertised performances) have been given; it is possible that many of the names included here actually performed in other years as well. Composers have only been included if they wrote known works specifically for the gardens. Except where fuller evidence is available (e.g. for 1845) most of the secondary players are never named, so this list is by no means comprehensive.
Adcock, Abraham c.1754, First trumpet. Also played in Capel Bond's concerts in Coventry and Birmingham
Addison, John (c.17661844) 'cellist, 1800f.
Allwood Leader and conductor, 1847
Anfossi, Mr. 1826
Arban, Jean-Baptiste (18251889) French cornet player and conductor; he completed his studies at the Paris Conservatoire in 1845. Cornet à pistons, 1845 musical director and conductor, 1851, 1852
Arne, Michael (c.17401786) Composing songs, 1765 Was living in south Lambeth when he died, January 1786
Arne, Thomas Augustine (1710-1778) Composer and musical director 1745–1777. Arne, who lived very close to Vauxhall in the 1740s, had been engaged at DL in 1744 at a salary of £3 per week
Arnold, Samuel (17401802) Composing songs, c.1767. Arnold was in charge of the music at MG in the early 1770s
Arthur 1845
Asbridge, Mr. 1792
Bach, John Christian (1735–1782) Writing songs 1765–1770. He was the eighteenth child of Johann Sebastian Bach, and arrived in London in 1762
Baddely Director of the Military Band, 1842
Balfe, Master (1808–1870) Violin prodigy, 1823. This was the Irish composer and singer, Michael William Balfe
Barthélemon, François Hippolite (1741-1808) Violinist, 1770f., leader and composer 1773/4–1783
Bates, William (fl.1750–1780) Writing songs, 1767–1776
Bean(s) 1840, 1845; conductor, Brass Band, 1846, 1847
Benn 1845
Billington, James (1757-1794) Double bass. Recorded ar RSM as playing at DL and Vauxhall. Married Elizabeth Weichsel.
Bishop, Henry Rowley (1786-1855) 1823, composed operettas, 1823.Composer and conductor, 1826, 1830–1835
Blewitt, Jonathan (1782–1853) Composing Vaudevilles, 1827. Pianoforte and organ, composer, 1828, 1829. Composer, 1836, 1838, 1839
Blight, W. Concert Band and Brass Band Leader, 1844, 1846, 1847
Boyce, Dr. William (1710–1779) Composer, 1745f.
Brewster, H. composing songs, 1771/2
Broad, George (1777-1848) Double bass. Apprenticed to John Danby. Employed at DL and VG in 1806
Brook(e)s, James (1757/60–1810) (from Bath) 'Whos selects his music with great taste and judgment, and performs with much éclat'. [John Feltham , 1802]. Possibly the John Colebrooke recorded at the RSM as 'engaged at Vauxhall', violinist and piano player, or the James Brookes, violinist (c. 1760-pre1810). Leader from 1800, 1807, 1808
Burney, Charles (1726-1814) Violin and viola [nd]
Calkin, Pierre Jacques Piotry (1831-c. 1894) Violin, tenor and pianoforte. DL, and 'is also engaged for the approaching Season [1853] at Vauxhall'.
Cantelo, Hezekiah (died before October 1811) Trumpet, bassoon etc., c.1785f. 1792. Cantelo also performed at DL, and was in the Band of the First Regiment of Foot Guards; later he played with the Ancient Concerts and the Professional Concerts
Cantelo,Thomas (1774-before 5 april 1807) Son of Hezekiah Cantelo. Recorded as 'engaged at Vauxhall Gardens' in 1786. RSM
Carte 1845
Carter, Charles Thomas (c.1740–1804) Composer of comic operas and songs for Vauxhall, c.1773
Case Violin, 1841
Castell, M. 1845
Catrufo, Signor Manager, Promenade Concerts d 'Été, 1840

Cervetto, Giacobbe , real name Giacobbe Bassevi, 'Il Cervetto' (1682–1783)

Cello. Reported to have performed at VG every summer until he was 98 (?1735–1780). Having arrived in London in 1728, he played in Arne's Comus in 1737, and became solo 'cellist at DL, taking over the management from Garrick. He left a fortune of £20,000 to his son James
Charles, Mr. The Hungarian-French horn master and clarinettist was living in Jonathan Tyers's house in 1743
Chattaway, W.T. Leader and musical director of the uniform brass band at Vauxhall and Cremorne, pre 1851
Cobham, Charles (d.1819) Violin soloist, 1808. Miss Fearon the Vauxhall singer, served her apprenticeship with Cobham , c.1811. Cobham, who had five children, also played at DL, KT, RG and PS
Co(l)linet, Mr. Leader, Quadrille Band, 1836–1845; Flageolet, 1841; Conductor of the Orchestre de la Danse, 1842
Collet, Richard (fl.1737–1767) Leader of the band 1745–1748. Later called 'Tom' Collet
Collins, G. Violin and 'cello, 1850
Collins, Medora Concertina, 1850
Collins, Viotti Violin and 'cello, 1850
Collmick, Herr Adolph Co-director, last four nights, 1849
Cooke, Thomas Simpson (1782–1848) Composing Vaudevilles, 1827. Composer, instrumentalist, singer, director and leader 1828-30
Cooper, Miss Adeline Composer, 1849
Coote, Charles Conducting his own band, 1848
Corri, Natale Composer for the Pandean Band, c.1810–1815
Darmstadt Band 1834 (The Band of the Grand Duke of Hesse and Darmstadt)
Davenport, C. Co-leader, 1853
David, Anton (born c.1730) Basset Horn Trio, 1791
David 1845
Day 1845
Dean, R. Co-conductor, military band, 1849, 1850, 1852–1854, 1856, 1858, 1859
Distin, Mr. Trumpet, 1832. Distin. family perform on the Sax Horns, 1847
Downe, J.L. Flute, 1847
Duke of York's Band Performed at Vauxhall from 1790
Dworschak, Mr. Bassett Horn Trio, 1791
Eichorn, Brothers Violin, 1832. Herr Eichorn on the Basshorn
Eley, Mr. 1826. Possibly the Christof Friedrich Eley who led the Duke of York's Band c.1790, and composed music for it.
Ellis Co-director, last four nights, 1849
Emanuel, Louis Director and composer, 1845
Engels 1845
Evans, H. 1845
Fischer, Johann Christian,(1733-1800) Oboe from 1768. Shown in Rowlandson's watercolour of 1784.
Fisher, Dr. John Abraham (1744–1806)

Violin. Composing songs 1772f. ?Leader of the band after Pinto, 1770–1773. Fisher entered into a partnership with two others to purchase Vauxhall Gardens in 1779, but the acquisition did not go ahead Marsh's Journals state that Fisher has started at Vauxhall by 1769 . Marsh's Journals state that Fisher has started at Vauxhall by 1769

de Folle/de Folly

Flute, 1841, 1845

Gallot, Mr. Violin, c.1790/'91
Ganz Director, 1842
Garde Mobile Band from Paris, 4 June 1849
Gardner 1845
Giles 1845
Gillingham, Mr. 1792. Deputy leader under Mr. Mountain
Giordani, T. (c.1733–1806) Composing songs, 1772–9
Gladwin, Thomas (c.1710–c.1799) Organist and composer, 1738–1744
Godfrey, Charles Leader, Military band, 1832, First Bassoon at DL and VG, 1834, 1836. Godfrey was bandmaster of the band of the Coldstream Guards, and a member of His Majesty's Band
Goodwin 1845
Griesbach, Henry Dougan Dickinson (21 Jan 1811-?) The youngest son of Frederick Griesbach the oboist. His uncle, Henry, the cellist died in 1832 and he was a cousin of John Henry who was better known. He was one of the youngest of the thirty-three Griesbach cousins , all children of the five brothers in Queen Charlotte's private band. A violinist nad voice teacher he also played in the Philharmonic Orchestra in the 1850s and '60s alongside his cousin Adolphus. In 1855 he lived at 2 Alfred Terrace, Newington. 1845 first performance; 1846 joint leader concert band; 1849 Deputy Leader.
Griffiths 1826, 1845
Guest 1845
Hall Joint leader, 1846
Hancock 1845. Possibly the Charles Hancock who published (1845–6) three 'preceptors' or musical instruction books, for the accordion, the flute, and the violin
Handel, Georg Frideric (1685–1759) 1740, wrote Hornpipe for Vauxhall. His statue by Roubiliac erected at Vauxhall in 1738. The Dead March from Saul was played regularly at the gardens, and annually on the anniversary of the death of Jonathan Tyers on 26 June 1767.
Hann 1845
Hardy 1845
Harper, T. jr. 1845. T. Harper was teaching trumpet at the Royal Academy of Music in 1838.
Hayward Deputy leader, 1849
Healey 1845
Hebden, John (1712–1765) Principal 'cello and 2nd bassoon, from 1745.
van Heddeghem Co-leader Concert and Quadrille Band, 1853; conductor, 1854, 1856
Hill 1845
Hill, F. 1845
Holmes, Mr. Bassoon, 1806
Hook, James (1746–1827) Became organist of Marylebone Gardens in 1769, but moved to Vauxhall as keyboard player and composer 1772–1821; Hook wrote over two thousand songs for Vauxhall, and played organ concertos on many thousands of occasions. He was also organist at St. John's, Horsleydown, and taught in girls' schools
Hopkins, Edward Leader and conductor of the Military Band, 1822. And clarinet, 1823 (paid £4 14s.6d.), 1824, 1825, 1826. Director of the Military and Scotch bands, 1829. 1835
Horn, Mr. Composing Vaudevilles, 1828
Horton, Joseph Small drum player, 1822
Howard, Samuel Writing songs, c.1765
Horton, Joseph Composer, 1828, 1834. Leader, concert band, 1831–1833, 1835, 1838; joint leader, 1846; leader, 1849
Jarret(t) Horn, 1840, 1841, 1845
Jay 1845
Julien, Mons. Director, Concert d'Été, 1841
Keating 1840, 1845. J. Keating was teaching oboe at the Royal Academy of Music in 1838, and playing with the Philharmonic Society Orchestra in 1840
Kelly 1845
Kittler, Herr Director, Band from the Hartz Mountains, 1847
Koenig Cornet à piston, 1841
Labarre Oboe, 1841
Laurent jr. 1840, 1845
Lavenu 1845
Lazarus, Henry Clarinet, 1841. Also employed in the Duke of Devonshire's private band
Lee Composer, 1836
Lee, (George) Alexander (1802–1851) Composer and musical director, 1846, 1849; conductor, 1850
Lewis, I Conductor, Yager Brass Band/Military Band 1845, 1849
Loder, Mr. 1792
Mackintosh Principal concerto player 1804. Possibly John Mackintosh, bassoonist, later one of the top players at CG and the Philharmonic Society
Mapleson, J.W. Violin, 1822
May Pianist, 1848
Maycock 1840, 1845
Millar, Mr. 1st Bassoon, 1730s/'40s
Mori, Mr. Leader, 1834. N. Mori was teaching violin at the Royal Academy of Music in 1838
Mollenhauer Brothers Violin soloists, 1853
Mountain, Joseph Violin, c.1790/'91, and leader 1791–1799. In 1794 he became the leader of the CG orchestra. Played with the Philharmonic Society orchestra in 1819, 1840
Muller Trumpet, 1841
Musard, Mons. Director, Promenade concerts and Bals Masqués, 1845
Negri, Signor Director, Concert d'Été, 1846
Nelson, Jacob (c.1705–1 July, 1785) Kettle drummer 1735–1785. Friend of Arthur Pond the artist, and lodged with him.
Nicholson 1845
Norten, Mr. 1826
Paitry, Pierre Jacques 1853, Violin tenor
Pandean Band 1804f. 181–819, 1822, 1824, 1825
Parke, John (1745–1829) Oboe 1771–1804+. Parke was appointed chamber musician to the Prince of Wales in 1783. He was also a member of the Opera orchestra in the 1760s, and played at DL in the 1770s, as well as being a member of the King's Band. In 1823, he was arrested for debt and sent to the Marshalsea prison
Parke, William Thomas (1761–1847) Younger brother and student of John. Flute, oboe (from c.1779, 1818–19), violin, and composer of songs. Also first oboe at CG
Parkinson, Mr. Bassoon, c.1790–1792
Parry, John (1776–1851) Composer. John Orlando Parry sang, c.1835, at many London concerts, performed on the harp and pianoforte, sang ballads, and, in 1853 was employed as an organist
Perry, E. 1845
Phillips, G. Conductor, concert band, 1858; conductor, Quadrille Band, 1859
Phillips, Master (c.1853–) Violin solo, 1859
Pieltain, Dieudonné-Pascal (1754–1833) Violinist and leader, 1783–1790/1
Pigot 1845
Pinto, Thomas (d.1773 or 1783) Violinist and leader
Platt, Mr. 1826
Potter, John (c.1734–1813) Employed at Vauxhall c.1764 until 1777. Composing songs, 1765–1772
Potter, Samuel Kettle Drum and Bass Drum, 1822
Pratt 1845
Price, Mr. Concert Band Leader, 1822, 1826
Pritchard, Mr. 1826
Prospère Ophicleide, 1841
Ramuset, Mons. Flute, 1853
Redl, Herr Musical Director, 1848, 1850
Reed 1845
Richardson 1840
Rooke/Rourke, William Michael Violinist, composer and leader, concert band, 1825–1833 Royal Artillery Band: 1849
Sarjant, James Trumpet, c.1790/'91; lived nearly opposite the Goats' Head, Vauxhall in 1794
Savoyards 1781 (French and Venetian Ballads), 1804f.
Sayner 1840
Schmidt, Mr. Bugle Horn, 1803, trumpet, to c.1807. Trumpeter to H.R.H. Prince of Wales Scotch Band: 1825
Sedgwick, Mr. Concertina, 1837–1839, 1844
Sedlatzek, Sig. Flute Concerto, 1834
Severn, C. 1845
Shaw, Thomas 1773. c.1790–1793. Leader, 1816
Smart, Sir George Pianoforte, 1828
Smethergell, William (1751–1836) Principal Viola.
Smithies 1845; conductor of the Hon. Artillery Company Band, 1853
Snow, Valentine (d.1770) Trumpet, 1745f. Snow was Sergeant Trumpeter to the King from 1753
Sommer, Herr Musical director, 1853
Spagnoletti, Signor Leader, 1826. Spagnoletti was teaching at the Royal Academy of Music in 1823
Springer, Mr. (born near Prague in 1760) Bassett Horn Trio, 1791
Stansbury, G. Leader and Conductor, 1836, 1837
Stephens 1845
Streather 1840; joint leader, concert band, 1846
Stretten 1845
Swiss Band 1828
Tayler, R. Leader, Pandean Band, 1822, 1824
Taylor, Mr. Director of Music, 1822, 1823
Thirlwall 1845
Tully, C. Horn Soloist, 1824, 1826. Played horn in the Philharmonic Society Orchestra, 1819.
Tutton, Mr. Leader of the band of the Royal Horse Guards, Blue in 1836
Varalli Signori ('The Calabrian Brothers') On two harps, 1834
Vincent, Richard (c.1701–1766) Oboe from 1735; leader of the band in 1755. For more than thirty years principal oboe at CG
Wagstaff, Mr. Leader, concert band, 1823. Played violin with the Philharmonic Society orchestra, 1819, 1840
Wallace/Wallis Director, Band of the Surrey Yeomanry, 1837; Quadrille Band 1838; Military Band, 1839
Ware, Mr. F. (c.1775– ) Leader, 1814, 1815, 181–819, 1821. Played viola with the Philharmonic Society Orchestra in 1819
Watson, Mr. Organ, 1821, 1822, 1823, 1824, 1825
Westlak 1845
Westrop, T. 1845
Wetton, Mr. 1826
Wild, Mr. ?In charge of the music, 1787 [Morning Chronicle, 18 May 1787]
Wilkins 1845
Willey Leader and conductor, 1845
Winterbottom 1845
Worgan, James (1715–1753) Organ and 'cello, 1737–1751
Worgan, Dr. John (1724–1790) Organ and composer 1751–1761, composing only, 1770–1774
Yates, W. Writing songs, 1764

Thomas Augustine Arne


The Farewel to Vaux Hall c. 1740, by B. Cole

The Orchestra in 1765


1st perf. First year of performing as a soloist at Vauxhall
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CG Covent Garden
DL Drury Lane
KT King's Theatre
Last Night The night Vauxhall closed for ever on.Monday 25 July, 1859
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PS Philharmonic Society
RG Ranelagh Gardens
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