Bronze Season Ticket. Arion on a Dolphin 1737

Silver Season Ticket: Vereor Ne Ultimum

A thousand metal season tickets were issued each season by Jonathan Tyers between 1737 and about 1760. Most have the name of a subscriber engraved on the reverse, and some are numbered; a few are also dated. The first ticket 'Arion', which probably dates from 1737, was struck in copper alloy, explaining why so many survive - the other issued examples were in silver, and many of these would have been returned to Vauxhall in part payment for the following season's pass. The names are given in this list exactly as they are engraved on the ticket. The surviving tickets are mostly in public collections (the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Museum of London), although there must still be many unidentified examples in private collections.
The 'Wits' Club' set up by Jonathan Tyers in the 1730s is recorded by Dr. Charles Burney in his memoirs. It originally met in Spring Gardens House, then moved to the Vine tavern, then, in the 1740s, to the Royal Oak, both very local to the gardens. Most of the members lived locally.
Richard Arnold Esq . Season ticket subscriber (Arion no.184)
Mr. Arundel Season ticket subscriber (Vereor ne Ultimum)
Mr. Backnell Season ticket subscriber (Tamen inter Arma)
Miss Barton Ticket-holder for the Vittoria Fete, 20 July 1813
Capt. Beckford Season ticket subscriber (Arion no.800)
Duke of Bedford Season ticket subscriber (Judgement of Paris no.2). John Russell, 4th Duke, (1710–1771) succeeded in 1732
Mr. Blicke and Family Season ticket subscriber 1808
Mr. Ow. Brereton Owen Salisbury Brereton (1715–1798) Antiquary, Season ticket subscriber (Arion no.675)
Mr. Carey Season ticket subscriber (Thalia no.11). Possibly the song-writer,Henry Carey (1670– 1743) who wrote, Sally in Our Alley.
Mr. Godfrey Clarke Season ticket subscriber (Vereor ne Ultimum)
John Close Witness to Jonathan Tyers's Will, 1758
Honble Robert Coke Esqr. (1704–1754). Of Longford, Derbyshire. Season ticket subscriber (Apollo and Marsyas). Robert Coke (1704–1754), of Longford, Derbyshire brother of Lord Lovell, who became Vice Chamberlain in 1733, succeeding William Beauclerk. Coke married Lady Jane Holt, Baroness Wharton in 1733
Thomas 'Hesiod' Cooke Member of Tyers's Wits' Club, 1730s and '40s; translator and journalist
Mr. Tho. Corner Season ticket subscriber (Iocosae Conveniunt Lyrae no.726 1750)
Mr. Cox Bookseller under the Royal Exchange, sold season tickets in 1742
Mr. Crawford Landlord of the Bear and Harrow tavern, Temple Bar, sold tickets for the 1732 opening Ridotto
Edmund Curll (1675–1747) Writer and publisher; possible author of the articles on Vauxhall in the 1739 'Scot's Magazine'
Richard Dawson (d.1752). Member of Tyers's Wits' Club, 1730s and '40s, and glass manufacturer in Vauxhall who supplied many lamps to Tyers
Jon. Dormer Esq ?Of Rousham.Season ticket subscriber (Arion no.852)
Richd Eliot Esqr Season ticket subscriber (Apollo on cloud) Probably Richard Eliot MP (1694–1748)The Eliot family live at Port Eliot in Cornwall (now Earl of St. Germans).
Sr: Jon: English Barnt. Season ticket subscriber (Blandius Orpheo no.592)
John and Edmund Farmer Or Fermor, brothers-in-law of Jonathan Tyers
Henry Fielding (1707-1754) . Member of Tyers's Wits Club; novelist, journalist and barrister
Honble John Finch Esqr Season ticket subscriber (Arion) Possibly a relative of the Earl of Winchilsea & Nottingham
Mrs. Finch Season ticket subscriber (Curarum Dulce Levamen)
Mr. Ford Season ticket subscriber (Calliope no.188. 1749)
Mr. R. Frankling Season ticket subscriber (Euterpe no.70)
Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales (1707–1751).Ground-landlord of Vauxhall Gardens, and a regular patron. Frederick may well have been the intended recipient of the only other gold ticket (dated 1751) besides Hogarth's
Lord Godolphin Francis, 2nd Earl of Godolphin(1678–1766) Succeeded in 1712. Season ticket subscriber (Mercury and Argos)
Mr. Gray Possibly Thomas Gray (1716–1771) poet, friend of Horace WalpoleSeason. Ticket subscriber (Mercury and Argos no.71)
Geo: Fr: Handel, Esq The composer (16851759), whose statue stood in Vauxhall Gardens from 1738 Season ticket subscriber (Arion no.95) .
Marquess of Hartington Season ticket subscriber (Britannia)
William Cavendish (1720–1764) Became 4th Duke of Devonshire in Dec 1755
Harry Hatsel (d.1772?) Member of Tyers's Wits' Club, bencher of the Middle Temple, and a joker, drinker and entertainer
Mr. Henstridge Possibly James Henstridge, organist of Dulwich College from 1698 to 1703. Season ticket subscriber (Arion no.399)
Mr. John Hinton Possibly the publisher of the Universal Magazine Season ticket subscriber (Calliope no.212. 1749.
Hogarth William Hogarth, the artist (1697–1764), holder of the only perpetual season ticket (Virtus Voluptas), struck in gold
Lord Home Probably William, 8th Earl (d.1761). Season ticket subscriber (Vereor Ne Ultimum)
Mr. Mann Horner Season ticket subscriber (Virtus Voluptas no.621)
Rev. Leonard Howard Member of Tyers's Wits' Club, rector of St. George's, Southwark James Kier: Witness to Jonathan Tyers's Will, 1758
W. Lethieullier Witness to Jonathan Tyers's Will, 1758. Possibly Col. William Lethieullier, F.S.A.
Mr. Sam. Lewes Possibly from the family of publishers. Season ticket subscriber (Calliope. 1749/ Erato no.87)
Mr. Links Season ticket subscriber (Calliope no.86. 1749)
Mr. Hen. Major A Henry Major was a subscriber to John Nichols' Lambeth in 1786 Season ticket subscriber (Grata Vice Veris no.202 / Iocosae Conveniunt Lyrae no.210. 1750).
Edward Moore (1712–1757) Member of Tyers's Wits Club, and a writer, dramatist and journalist
Lady Rachel Morgan Possibly a daughter of Lord Tredegar. Season ticket subscriber (Curarum Dulce Levamen / Mercury & Argos) .
Mr. Jon Mullet Season ticket subscriber (Arion no.344)
Mr. Ja. Owen Season ticket subscriber (Arion)
Mr. Parris Season ticket subscriber (Grata Vice Veris / Summer no 256)
Coll. Patterson Season ticket subscriber (Thalia no.455)
Philip Percival Season ticket subscriber (Arion)
Robert Petre 8th Baron Petre, of Thorndon Hall. Jonathan Tyers called him 'my great and honoured Friend'. Petre died, aged 29, in 1742
Con Phillips Teresia Constantia Phillips (1709–1765): Courtesan, friend of the young Jonathan Tyers
Mr. Fran. Plomer Season ticket subscriber (Grata Vice Veris no.518)
Mr. Powell Landlord of the Gloucester Tavern, St. James's St.., sold tickets for the 1732 opening Ridotto
Mr. John Robinson Possibly the John Robinson (1686–1762) who was organist of Westminster Abbey from 1727. His wife was a singer, and his daughter sang in Handel oratorios. Season ticket subscriber (Orpheus no.68. 1751)
Mr. Wm. St. Lawrence Possibly a relative of the Earl of Howth. Season ticket subscriber (Arion no.201)
Chas. Saunderson Gent Season ticket subscriber (Omnes Jubet Apollo no.364)
Robert Slade Esq. & Family Season ticket subscribers, 1809
Christopher Smart (1722–1770) Writer and poet who expressed gratitude to Jonathan Tyers and his family, and 'the people at Vaux Hall' in his poem Jubilate Agno
Mr: Jams: Smith Season ticket subscriber (Blandius Orpheo no.680)
Mrs. Elizth Smith Season ticket subscriber (Apollo & Marsyas)
Mr. W. Stagg Bookseller in Westminster Hall, sold season tickets in 1742
Mr. Fred. Standert Season ticket subscriber (Virtus Voluptas no.21)
Mr. Tho. Thomas Possibly a relative of Jonathan Tyers's mother, Anne. Season ticket subscriber (Arion no.621)
Mr. John Trinder Witness to Jonathan Tyers's Will, 1758.
Mr. J. Trusler A Pastry cook from Bath who became proprietor of Marylebone Gardens from 1746 until 1762.Season ticket subscriber (Orpheus. 1751)
Sir Thos. Turton Bart. Family & Friends Holder of a free season ticket for 1810
Ger: Van Hoorn Esq Season ticket subscriber (Arion no.199)
Ed. Wade Witness to Jonathan Tyers's Will, 1758
Mr. Wood Probably John & Elizabeth Wood, Tyers's daughter and son-in-law, who married c.1750. Season ticket subscriber (Iocosae Conveniunt Lyrae no.63. 1750)
Mrs. Wood Season ticket subscriber (Iocosae Conveniunt Lyrae no. 64. 1750)
Mr. James Worsdale (c.1692–1767) Painter of Marylebone Street, sold tickets for the 1732 opening Ridotto
Mr. R. Wright Season ticket subscriber (Grata Vice Veris no.305)

Reverse of above showing name of subscriber, Mr. Godfrey Clarke




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