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The Recent Descendants of Jonathan Tyers the elder

The last male descendant of Jonathan Tyers the elder was his son, Jonathan the younger, so, even though other Tyers families exist around the UK, no members of the Vauxhall Tyers family exist today with that name, although it did have a continued currency as a second forename. In the 19th century, the Vauxhall Trust Estates were owned by Margaret Tyers [Barrett] Weller Poley (see family tree). She left the property in trust to William Slade of Walcot Lodge, Hastings and to Robert H. Slade, (b.1871) and Edith Marion Slade (b.1876), the son and daughter of Robert and Lydia Slade of 14 Springfield, Leeds, with much of the fortune (around £30,000) going to various church charities. Edith Marion Slade was, in 1911, living in Battle, Sussex. A copy of Margaret Tyers Weller Poley's will is in the Suffolk Records Office, Bury St Edmunds, HA536/RX3-34.

There may still be members of the Wood, Barrett and Burgess families with direct links to Vauxhall Gardens.


The Tyers descendants as listed on the Tyers Family Tree in alphabetical order

Barrett Family
Bryant Barrett ( 1743-1809)
Eliza Barrett (1780-1838) later Eliza Burgess
George Rogers Barrett (1787-after 1851)
Georgina Barrett
Rev. Jonathan Tyers Barrett (1784- 1851)
Margaret Tyers Barrett (c. 1811- 1899) later Margaret Tyers Weller Poley

Burgess Family
Boughey Burgess (1775-1846)
Elizabeth Burgess (b. 1813)
Emma Burgess (b. 1807)

Fermor/Farmer Family
Elizabeth Fermor/Farmer (1700-1771) ( by previous marriage Elizabeth Langley?) ; later Elizabeth Tyers

Ogilvie Family
Emily Ogilvie (d. 1916)

Pinckney Family
Anna Maria Pinckney; (by first marriage Anna Maria Seymour) later Anna Maria Barrett

Rogers Family
George Rogers (1718-1792)
Margaret Rogers (by first marriage, Margaret Dawson) later Margaret Tyers

Slade Family
Mary Slade ( d. 1854) : later Mary Barrett

Taylor Family
Elizabeth Taylor 1678 ; later Elizabeth Tyers

Thomas Family
Anne Thomas 1697; later Anne Tyers

Tyers Family
Anne Tyers (after 1700-1732)
Elizabeth Tyers (pre 1700-after 1721) later Elizabeth (?)Hill
Elizabeth Tyers (1727-1802) later Elizabeth Wood
Elizabeth Tyers (1759-1834) later Elizabeth Barrett
JONATHAN TYERS (1702-1767)
Jonathan Tyers (1728/9-1792)
Margaret Tyers (1722/3-1786)
Thomas Tyers c. 1655-1721
Thomas Tyers (1726-1787)

Weller Poley Family
Mary Elizabeth Weller Poley (c. 1848/9-1899)
Rev. William Weller Poley (1814-1887)

Wood Family
Emily Wood
George Rogers Wood
John Wood (before 1770)
John William Wood
Jonathan Wood
Margaret Tyers Wood
Mary Chaloner Wood
Rachel Wood

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