A Catalogue of a Valuable and Highly Interesting Assemblage of PICTURES, by Italian, Flemish, and Dutch Masters, and by distinguished English Artists; Drawings, Framed and Glazed; a Bust of Mr. Tyers, by Roubiliac; and the justly celebrated original sitting Figure of HANDEL, in Marble, sculptured by Roubiliac, which for many years was placed in the public gardens of Vauxhall, (a noble ornament for a public Concert Room): the whole the genuine Property of JONATHAN TYERS, Esq., late of Stockwell, near Vauxhall, (Deceased): Among the Pictures are . . . which (by order of the proprietor) will be Sold by Auction, by Mr. CHRISTIE, at his Great Room, King Street, St James's Square, on Wednesday, April 28th, 1830, at one O'Clock precisely.



-------------- 1
A Landscape, -Van der Cabel, washed; and a Rocky Landscape - Belanger.
-------------- 2 Two in black lead, - the Temple of Minerva Medica, and of the Sybil, at Tivoli.
Mortimer 3 A Cavern Scene, and Landscape, with Banditti; pen and Indian ink.
Rooker 4 Farm Buildings, in a Landscape, and a Ruin by Rogers, Tinted.
D. Serres 5 Shipping in the Downs, and a River Scene.
-------------- 6 The Isle of White, and the Needles, - a pair by Rogers and Serres.
Rogers 7 A pair of Landscapes, tinted.
Ditto 8 A landscape.
G.A. Wallis, 1786 9 A woody Landscape, with Banditti, and Companion - drawings.
Barrett and Gilpin 10 A mountainous Lake Scene, with Travellers.
Gainsborough 11 A View in Suffolk, with Figures, tinted.
J.H. Grim, 1770 12 The disabled Soldier's Return, and the Magic Lantern.
Ditto, 1776 13 A Village Scene, in body colours, and an English Scene - the Companion.
P. Sandby 14 English Ruins, a tinted drawing.
Rogers and Gilpin 15 A group of Donkies and Sheep, in a Landscape; a spirited tinted drawing.
Ditto 16 View in Greenwich Park.
Belanger 17 A pair of Rocky Landscapes, with Cascades, in body colours.
Payne 18 View of a Manor House, with Figures passing a Ford; and Richmond Hill, the Companion.
P. Sandby 19 A Landscape - composition.
Thos. Sandby 20 View of the back of the Banqueting House at Whitehall; the Figures by Mortimer and Wheatley.
Rubens 21 A Roman Sacrifice, - upright.


Mortimer 22 Soldiers Gaming; a spirited little specimen, painted expressly for Mr. Tyers.
------------ 23 A Hermit, on copper; and a Woody Landscape - small.
Hondius 24 A Lion devouring a Stag.
Baptiste 25 A Vase of Flowers; and Cooper, a group of Fruits.
Hayman 26 Richard the Second and Wat Tyler.
Stubbs 27 Tigers reposing, and Eagles devouring a Stag, in a Cavern Scene.
Hayman 28 A Scene from the Tempest, and one from As You Like It.
---------- 29 Head of a Friar.
Heemskirk 30 An Interior, with a Dutch Family Party.
Tassaert 31 Portrait of a young Man, in a Fur Gown and Cap; in the manner of Rembrandt.
Heemskirk 32 An Interior with Figures regaling, - Companion to the preceding.
Gainsborough 33 Peasant Children at their Repast, in a Landscape.
Rotenhaemer 34 The Virgin appearing to St. Francis.
Lievens 35 An Old Man in oriental Costume.
Peter Wouvermans 36 A Landscape, with Figures, and Peasants in a Wagon; and a Horse Fair, - the Companion.
Spanish School 37 A Toper.
G. de Witte 38 A brilliant Landscape - Evening Scene, with Figures at a Fountain.
Sir Ant. More 39 A Male Portrait. (See mem. On the back of the picture).
Baptiste 40 Flowers and Fruit.
A. del Sarto 41 Virgin and Child, - after.
Rubens 42 The Daughter of Herodias producing the Head of St. John at a Banquet.
Carlo Cignani 43 Head of St. John, with a Lamb.
Hondikoeter 44 Domestic Poultry, in a Landscape.
Italian 45 Joseph and Potiphar's Wife.
Barker 46 Beggar Boys dividing their Provisions, after Murillo.
Taylor, Esq., of Bath 47 A View near Britton Ferry.
Hayman 48 Sigismunda.
Tassaert 49 Buildings and a River, - Moonlight; style of Van der Neer.
Italian 50 Susanna and the Elders.
Hayman 51 Sir John Falstaff reviewing his Troops; being Portraits of Actors of that time.
School of Rubens 52 The Holy Family.
Fyt 53 Dogs pursuing a Crane; very spirited.
Hobbema 54 A Landscape, with a Water-mill, after.
Rubens 55 Mercury conveying Psyche to the Assembly of the Gods.
Lotens 56 A grand Woody Landscape, with a River Scene.
Dusart 57 The Pancake Woman, a Family group - Interior.
Wynants 58 A warm Landscape - Evening Scene.
Schalken 59 An Interior, a Servant Maid by Candlelight.
De Vlieger 60 View at the Mouth of a River, with Shipping in a Squall.
Schalken 61 An old Woman and a Girl, by Candlelight; from the well-known subject by Rubens.
Breughel 62 View of a Chateau, and a Village Scene, on copper - a pair.
J. Miel 63 A group of Italian Peasants, and an Italian Quack Doctor.
Hobbema 64 A Wood Scene, with Cottages and Figures.
D. Serres 65 View of the British Fleet, under Commodore Keppel, before Belleisle.
Barrett 66 A Peasant driving Cattle, in a Landscape; warm Evening Scene.
Marlow 67 View of Westminster Bridge; and a Sea-Port in the Mediterranean, the Companion.
Gainsborough 68 A small Landscape, with a Ploughman guiding home his Plough.
Canaletti 69 View of the Church of the Dogana di Mare, at Venice.
Hogarth 70 Night; the well-known engraved subject.
Ditto 71 Noon, the Companion.
Hayman 72 A Scene from Hamlet.
Ditto 73 A Scene from Shakespeare, the Companion.
V. der Gucht 74 Subject from a Comedy, with Dramatic Portraits of Henderson, Parsons, Moody and one other.
D. Serres 75 Shipping on the River Thames.
Barker 76 The Woodman, - the admired original picture.









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