Jonathan Tyers's subscriptions to contemporary publications

[inscription in book shown in brackets]

George Bickham, The Musical Entertainer, I, 1737
          ['Mr. Jonathan Tyers']

John Mottley, History of the Life of Peter the First, Emperor of Russia, I, 1739
          ['Mr. Jonathan Tyers, of Vauxhall']

G.F. Handel, Twelve grand concertos in seven parts, 1740 (four sets)
          ['Mr. Jonathan Tyres']

G.F. Handel, L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato, 21 April 1740 (three sets)

Henry Fielding, Miscellanies, 1743
          ['Jonathan Tyers, Esq']

John Mottley, History of the Life and Reign of the Empress Catharine of Russia, 1744
          ['Jonathan Tyers, Esq; of Vaux-Hall']

Francesco Barsanti, Nove overture a quattro, Edinburgh, 1745
          ['Jonathan Tyers, Esqr.']

William Boyce, Twelve sonatas for two violins, J. Walsh, 1747 (four sets)
          ['Jonathan Tiers, Esquire, Proprietor of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens']

Michael Drayton, The Works of Michael Drayton, 1748
          ['Jonathan Tyers, Esq.']

Christopher Smart, Poems on Several Occasions, 1752
          ['Jonathan Tyers, Esq.']

Aaron Hill, The Works of the late Aaron Hill, I, 1753
        [ 'Jonathan Tyers, Esq.']

Aaron Hill, The Works of the late Aaron Hill, 4 volumes, 2nd edn. 1754
George Berg, Six concertos in seven parts, 1755
          ['Jonathan Tyers, Esq, 2 sets']

Samuel Boyce, Poems on several occasions, 1757
          ['Jonathan Tyers, jun. Esq.' and 'Thomas Tyers']

Theodosius Forrest, Ways to Kill Care by Young D'Urfey, 1761
        ['Jonathan Tyers Esq.']

John Wright, The American Negotiator, or, the various currencies of the British Colonies in        America . . ., 1761
          ['Jonathan Tyers, Esq; master of Vaux hall Gardens']










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